Speak with Distinction

Speak with Distinction Book Details:

Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN-13 : 1476842256

Page : 416 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 256 voters

Widely recognized as the most complete and rigorous text of its kind since it was first published in 1942 ÊSpeak With DistinctionÊ is an invaluable resource. It presents a comprehensive study of the sounds of Spoken English in their most important phonetic environments. This most recent revision also adds much material for comparisons of speech sounds; suggestions for accurate efficient and conversational ways of combining the sounds into connected utterance; indications that foster a working knowledge of two dialects of speech (General American and what Mrs. Skinner called Good Speech for classic and elevated texts); and beginning material to show application of the principles of Good Speech to well-written texts. Some important additions to the book are the extensive Glossary and Index abundant guides to pronunciations new sections featuring such details as the complete Ask-List of words a program for the elimination of glottal attacks of vowel and dipthong sounds greatly expanded practice material of phrases and sentences and an updated Chart showing several levels of phonetic transcription and spelling equivalents in current usage. ÊSpeak With DistinctionÊ can be used in several ways: as a primary educational textbook for both the beginning and advanced actor; as a supplementary textbook for teachers and students who have their own methods and agenda for study; and as a reference book for teachers speech coaches and directors.

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